The ONLY organisation dedicated to represent
buyers of coaching and mentoring services

What's in it for YOU

The IRCM represent buyers of coaching and mentoring services.

That means it's free from bias and is here to help YOU make meaningful decisions.
Not to sell the services of any particular Coach or Mentor.

If you are going to buy these services then checkout the person you wish to hire and HERE is the place to do that. At least check they confirm to you, and to the world, that they have a code of ethics, abide by code of conduct and a adhere to a complaints procedure.

If you are a Coach or Mentor, or Organisation then be sure that your data is up to date.

The IRCM has a duty of care to the coaching and mentoring buying public  The IRCM does not require the coaches, mentors, accreditation bodies, trade/professional organisations, and training providers to pay to be registered.  What the IRCM requests is that every person or organisation involved in the coaching and mentoring profession, registers to demonstrate their transparency in the work that they are doing in this profession.

  • Accreditation bodies  officially approved by governmental or equivalent bodies have a duty of care to their members
  • Trade and Professional associations  have a duty of care to their members
  • Training Organisations  have a duty of care to their students
To be shown here as APPROVED, the Coach or Mentor has confirmed:
  • they abide by a Code of Ethics
  • they conduct themselves according to a Code of Conduct
  • they deal with Complaints properly

These 3 issues are the initial and minimum conduct requirements by regulators around the world.

The IRCM is the first independent body to create a register to include exactly how many coaches and mentors are currently trading.  Two years and thousands of hours has been spent doing the initial research, and more coaches and mentors are adding themselves to the register.  We show the basic information free.

When you search for a Coach or Mentor you will see they are shown as

  • Not yet approved: The listing has not been claimed OR that the Coach or Mentor will NOT confirm the approval conditions
  • Approved: The Coach or mentor HAS confirmed their approval conditions
  • Enhanced: The Coach or mentor HAS confirmed their approval conditions and for a small Administration charge is able to show considerabley more information about themselves

Enhanced information about the Coach or Mentor is available (for a modest administration fee) to show substantially more information and also includes their Qualification, Competence, Experience and Insurance.

  • Qualification – each coach or mentor is asked to confirm what coach or mentor specific training they have completed and what qualification they received as an outcome of this training
  • Competence – each coach or mentor is asked to identify an independent recognition of the training and experience through their membership with an approved Accreditation, Professional, or Trade Body
  • Insurance – it is recognised that not every country in the world works with business insurance; but it is the recommendation that every coach and mentor has Professional Indemnity Insurance (especially where they are working with clients in countries where this insurance is recognised)