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Trade Organisations

Professional and Trade Bodies are not officially approved by governmental or equivalent bodies.

Before you decide to engage a coach or mentor or take a coaching or mentoring course!

Professional and Trade Bodies or Organisations are membership bodies set-up by a group of professionals.  Professional and Trade Bodies or Organisations in a similar way to Accreditation Bodies have a set of internally defined standards that can be used as confirmation to the outside world that a Coach or Mentor in "their view" has a verified coaching or mentoring standard.

If you or your company is planning to pay for services of a coach or mentor, or undertake a training course or workshop then we suggest you visit here first and carry out a background check.  In today's economic climate can you afford not to?  The IRCM has come across thousands of coaches and mentors and hundreds of training providers, universities, trade and professional associations; so how can you be sure?

Click here to find the IRCM’s list of Professional and Trade Bodies or Organisations.

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